About OG

Hezekiah Emmanuel Boro aka ‘Otiz OG’ is one of Africa’s topmost and highly sought after financial entrepreneurs. Otiz is the PIONEER/CEO of OGHUB MART is highly distinguished for his undeniable results and positive reviews in bitcoin trading with over three years of experience in the cryptocurrency market.

As a cryptocurrency broker, he has been the safe haven for numerous people all over Africa and communal clients in regions such as Nigeria, Ghana, East Africa, London and still diversifying over the shores.
OGHUB MART is an online digital-based crypto tenet where bitcoin can be sold in exchange for cash.

Otiz OG, a Cryptoprenuer has been trading since 2018 and has grown his equity significantly.

As between mileage and experience choose experience.” ~ Clifton Fadiman

Upon training, he will be sharing his top-secret success strategies, and his tested and trusted formula for sailing successfully in bullish and bearish circumstances.